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General Information
that may be of use or interest to people in Harpswell.


Regional Issues
This area will be a forum consisting of 2 regional committees: Affordable Housing and Open Space

Photo Gallery:
Includes signs from the vote for LNG, and some digital photography related sites, particularly galleries of pictures, and websites with tips on using software for enhancing digital photographs. (Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, etc.)

LNG or Liquid Natural Gas (no longer an issue)
Archives of all the info related to Fairwinds and LNG

Some of my favorite quotes

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Here you can search the entire site for subject or people or whatever.

Note from the Web Skipper

This site is being created and moderated by Burr Taylor (bwt), Cundy's Harbor. I have many opinions. I confess to be very concerned about town government. However, I only learn from opinions different from my own. I feel committed to providing a way for people to express themselves in a "civilized" manner about anything to do with Harpswell. I also hope to provide links to sites containing items of interest to the people of Harpswell

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact him by email at one of the links to the left; or by telephone at 725dash2802; or by mail at 45 Taylor Rd., Harpswell, ME  040789. This site is not sponsored by the Town of Harpswell and in no way is the Town responsible for anything on this site.

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